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How to Create Free Graphics for Facebook

Posted by Janet Fazio on May 12, 2016 11:46:21 AM

Create free graphics for Facebook

You've heard it countless times before: A picture is worth 1000 words. But did you know that Facebook posts that include images are more likely to be seen and shared?  You don't have to be a graphic designer or even hire one to create great images for your social media posts. All you need is an Internet browser, a little bit of patience and some ingenuity.  

Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Review your insights  

Facebook ranks all your page posts so you can easily see which posts rank best. Go to you page, then click on insights from the top tool bar. 

Facebook insights


You can see which posts have the biggest reach (number of people who saw the post), the most engagements (how many people clicked on the post or shared it) and the most reactions (formerly likes). This will give you a good baseline of what is already working and where you can improve.

Facebook post ranks


Step 2: Check out your competitors or other business pages 

You can't see their insights, but you can see how many people have reacted to the post, you can read comments and do some quick analysis of how well their page is performing.  Jot down what posts seemed to have the most engagement.  

Hopefully you'll see a few patterns developing.  


Step 3:  Use a free tool like to create images for your Facebook posts.

You don't need design skills to use Canva, but I strongly suggest that you spend the time to go through their graphic design tutorials to make the most of your images.

You'll learn how to:

  • move around Canva quickly
  • pair fonts 
  • create attention getting headlines
  • use images and color like a pro

You can upload your own images, choose from Canva's free stock images, or pay $1 per image for premium images.  

Free Facebook Ad graphic created using Canva


Step 4: Analyze and Repeat 

Once you've started creating custom images for your Facebook posts, check your insights again to track your progress. You should start to see improvement in reach and engagement.     


Other Options

While Canva is my favorite, there are other options to create free images, like PicMonkey and Ribbet.  Take the tours and see what suits your needs best.  Whichever you decide is your favorite, we're sure you'll learn that you don't have to be a designer - or have to hire one - to create fun, clean and branded images for your Facebook posts.  


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