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Create SMART Social Media Goals for 2017

Posted by Janet Fazio on Nov 29, 2016 11:13:00 AM

IAdobeStock_76866388.jpegn the blink of an eye, 2016 will be in the history books, which makes this the perfect time to start thinking about your social media goals for 2017.  While increasing your traffic, getting more retweets, likes and shares are great things to aspire to, they are hard to quantify. Instead of writing vague statements of what you want to accomplish, create SMART goals that will help set your team up for success. 

Derived by Peter Drucker in the early 1980s, SMART goals create a framework from which you can measure the success of your campaigns.   Here's how to get started.


S: Specific

Instead of wanting to increase traffic, how about increasing traffic by 5%? Instead of getting more shares, make it a goal to increase the number of shares by 10%. Instead of wanting to be more consistent on social media, make it a goal to follow the 10, 4 and 1 rule. Remember, the 10-4-1 rule is simply a ratio that indicates over a 15-post period, 10 posts should come from third-party sources, 4 should come from your companies’ blogs and 1 should be a landing page or sales pitch/call to action. Maybe take your goal a step further and in addition to increases in shares, likes and retweets, set a goal of how many qualified leads are generated by the increase in traffic. 

The more specific you can be, the more measureable (M) your goal will be.

M: Measurable 

What's your baseline? Before you can measure improvement, you need to know where you stand right now. Take a snapshot of where you are, so you can make sure you're moving in the right direction.

A: Attainable

It's great to reach for the stars, but make sure you're in the right galaxy. Knowing where you stand now (back to M) will help you determine if your goals are realistic. Setting both a goal and a stretch goal allows for you to succeed but also reach to the next level. There's nothing worse than working on a team where you know there is no way you can ever make your numbers. 

R: Relavent 

Is it worth increasing your Twitter activity by 10% if your customers aren't Twitter users? Know where your ideal audience hangs out online and create content to reach them where they are. Take a moment to understand where your customers are and how best to interact with them.

T: Timely

Set a timeframe for when you when measure and analyse your results. Will it be at the end of the month, end of the quarter or in six months?  Either way, have a clear end date that you will measure your progress. 

With the fast pace of online marketing and using social media to reach your audience, we often find it difficult to carve out time to set our goals and priorities.  Without goals though, we may be wasting valuable time and resources executing activities that are not driving growth and revenue. Take a moment to develop your SMART goals, then prioritize your outbound activities you have planned to meet those goals.


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