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How To Promote Your Next Event Like a Marketing Pro

Posted by Janet Fazio on Jun 25, 2017 3:11:23 PM

microphone-1711771_1920.jpgYour company has poured time, energy and dollars into an upcoming event. Now, naturally, you'd like to create some buzz around the big day and draw a crowd. Here are some tips for promoting your event like a pro:

Tell people to save the date.  

There was a time when save the date cards were only associated with weddings – but not anymore. These days, save the date cards are in the realm of the savvy. Even doctors and dentists are using them in the form of appointment reminders or calendar entries. You can, too.

Use your email list to tell your existing customer base that you’ve got something big and exciting coming up. Then invite them to come!

Be social media smart.

Promote your event on your social media channels and encourage other people to do the same. Come up with an event-specific hashtag (like #yourcompanynamebigevent) and use it consistently across social media and on all event marketing, including on your save the date email. Make sure the hashtag isn’t too complex or elaborate, otherwise people won’t use it. Also, be sure to do a search beforehand to make sure your hashtag isn’t already in use.

If you use Instagram, invite people to post their own photos of the event using that hashtag. You could even have a competition and award a prize for the best photo of the day. But don’t just post day-of photos, also post "teaser" pictures. If you're stymied as to what would make a good picture, think behind the scenes. You can post photos of performers, giveaway items, event preparation, etc.

Don’t forget, photos are for Facebook, too. Facebook posts with images are more likely to be seen, shared, and commented on.  If you need help creating graphics, look here.

Once you’ve got people participating, keep the momentum going. Be sure to repost, retweet and regram. Also make sure to tag people in your posts.

Explain WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).  

Plain and simple, tell people what’s in it for them. Or put another way, tell them why they should come. Is your event educational? Does it solve a problem? Will you be showcasing a revolutionary product? Is this a fundraising event for likeminded people?  Sure, there may be food and entertainment and even swag, but these things are just the opening act. People may come for the opener but they stay for the headliner.


Call in the experts.

Event marketing should not be an afterthought – promotion can make or break your event. Contact us at Janet Fazio Advertising to learn more about what we can do to make your next event a success.

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